Cannabidiol Sensual Mist by Plaisir de Grasse

Cannabidiol Sensual Mist by Plaisir de Grasse


SIZE: 30ml

Strength: 1000 mg CBD

Plaisir: /plezir/pleasure/ Du: /Duh/-from Grasse: /gra:s/ A town near Cannes, in south-eastern France, center of the perfume industry/ Grass: Slang for Marijuana

Plaisir de Grasse is the first personal intimacy oil to combine elegant design, a carefully mixed blend of organic oils, exotic edible essence and more pure one-hundred percent legal, non-psychotic CBD than any other personal intimacy oil on the market today.

Directions: Apply 6-8 sprays before sex, or anytime you want to feel sensual. Each bottle contains 30-50 servings, each serving delivering approximately 20 mg of CBD. If you want more, spray more, it’s all up to you.

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Plaisir de Grasse is the first luxury personal intimacy oil to offer an intense blend of delicately fragrant natural aphrodisiacs, and enough pure organic, deliciously effective cannabidiol oil to rock your world.

More specifically, our completely natural arousal mist is a precise blend of pure, lightweight organic, MCT coconut oil and 99+% pure, organic cannabidiol with absolutely no THC. Though completely non-psychoactive, CBD, when applied topically increases sensitivity, decreases stress, and increases blood flow.

Made from tropical flowers, seductive spices, and powerful plants known to calm, soothe, stimulate and excite, Plaisir de Grasse calms the mind while stimulating hormonal production and blood flow. We use a 2% essential oil dilution so the fragrance is richly textured, warm and inviting but is also subtle and the application, safe. Spray it on everywhere you want to tingle and feel like a woman.


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Helpful Tips

Go LOW + SLOW, start with a small amount as you can increase from there. Please follow the direction on the label as instructed on dosing and application if you have any questions, please email

No two systems are alike, every individual’s experience will vary. Find the right CBD profile and method that works for YOU.