**SOLD OUT** Hemp Mesh Reusable Bag - Natural *SALE*

**SOLD OUT** Hemp Mesh Reusable Bag - Natural *SALE*

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SIZE: 19" x 20" (not filled or stretched)

Jumbo Natural Reusable Hemp Mesh Bag is ideal for weekend markets, shopping trips or heading to the beach. Hemp produces more fiber than cotton, which makes this bag sustainable, strong and practical. There are no chemicals or pesticides used in the cultivation of hemp. It grows rapidly and requires less water than many other textile crops. It has superior strength and durability.

This bag is made by highly skilled fair trade artisans, using only the best quality raw materials, and the result is an impeccably handcrafted product that tells a story with every stitch and fiber. This bag hangs beautifully in an entryway, kitchen or closet and is colored in a neutral gray to complement any home.

***Did you know that every Dharma Door leather handle and product tag is stamped and sewn in a leather workshop in Bangladesh that employs disabled men who – without this opportunity – would be disadvantaged in their community.

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