Hemp Rope Dog Leash *SALE*

Hemp Rope Dog Leash *SALE*

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Each dog leash is hand-made from 3/8" (10 mm), three-strand hemp rope. Hemp Rope uses no dyes or other chemicals. Hemp fibers make good ropes because they are strong, durable, resistant to mold and ultraviolet light yet soft in the hand. The manufacture of hemp ropes is more environmentally friendly and more durable than synthetic ropes.

As each leash is individually made, hand-spliced and whipped, each splice is finished with a decorative hemp whipping twine with an accent color.

Twine Color:
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SIZE:  available in 4' and 5' 

COLOR: Available in two colors: Charcoal and Natural


  • Resistant to mold

  • Softens over time

  • No toxins

  • No herbicides

  • 100% natural fiber

  • UV-resistant

  • Neutral colors

  • Great tensile strength

  • Minimize pollution on Earth

  • Support local small farmers

  • Be part of a sustainable movement