Rosemary's Achey CBD Body Oil by AUR

Rosemary's Achey CBD Body Oil by AUR


SIZE: 2 oz

Strength: 250 mg CBD

The salvation you’ve been waiting for. Rosemary’s Achey is infused with anti-inflammatory and blood moving herbs with the addition of 250mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. This powerful hard body oil is praised for it’s healing benefits and melts in for all-day hydration.


  1. Scoop solid oil into your palm and warm between your hands.

  2. Massage into pain points on your body.

  3. Enjoy.

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Ingredients: Rosemary Extract, Mint Extract, Almond Oil, Beeswax, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (C02 Extraction), Organic Essential Oils


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Helpful Tips

Go LOW + SLOW, start with a small amount as you can increase from there. Please follow the direction on the label as instructed on dosing and application if you have any questions, please email 

No two systems are alike, every individual’s experience will vary. Find the right CBD profile and method that works for YOU.