AM Morning Tincture by Yuyo Botanics

AM Morning Tincture by Yuyo Botanics


SIZE: 30 ml

There are 300mg of our cannabinoid extract in each 30ml tincture bottle of our AM Formula. Use this tincture to manage aches and pains, to reduce anxiety, and to maintain overall wellness. Our AM tincture is formulated with organically grown hemp extract, ashwagandha root, peppermint and lemon, and is perfect for daytime use. We suggest use of about 10mg, twice a day. One droplet of AM contains .5mg of cannabinoid extract. This bottle provides about a 30-day supply dependent upon how often it's taken.

We like to call the feeling of our extracts as "the calm without the high", like taking a deep breath. You won't receive the commonly known psycho-active high you find with THC as this product is 100% THC-free.

Learn more about Yuyo Botanics — organic grown Hemp from Tennessee.

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  • Anxiety + Depression

  • Lack of Focus

  • Inflammation

  • Aches + Pains

  • Tension + Headaches


  • Hemp Extract

  • Ashwagandha (to help reduce anxiety, stress and levels of cortisol*)

  • Peppermint (helps aide with digestion, helps ciruculation*)

  • Lemon (helps aide digestive issues*)