False Advertising: Is There Actually CBD in Your Cannabis Skin Care Product?


The green boom has allowed for a surge of fabulous beauty and skincare products using the antioxidant, anti-aging, nourishing properties of our favorite plant. But some brands aren’t going about it in the most forthright way.


A quick lesson in cannabis skincare ingredients, to break down the key differences (hooray for educated shopping!). Note: we are big fans of both of these ingredients.

Cannabis oil, hemp oil, CBD oil: plant-based medicine

  • More expensive

  • Tougher to get

  • Difficult legislation

  • Previously illegal

  • Can treat medical skin conditions

A medicinal plant-based extract used to mitigate redness and irritation, reduce inflammation, and calm conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It’s anti-aging, antioxidant, and protective for your skin. This is derived from the leaves or flower of the marijuana or hemp plant. For a long time, this has been off limits and illegal. 

Hemp seed oil, cannabis sativa seed oil: plant-based moisturizer

  • Seriously cheap

  • Is literally at Target

  • Has been there, at Target, this whole time

  • Great moisturizer for all skin types

Derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant, akin to coconut, olive, and sunflower seed oil. However, unlike those oils, hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids and makes a wonderful moisturizer for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This product has never been illegal, because there’s no CBD or THC or any of that in there. Again, it’s from a seed.

So, what’s the deal with the marketing? A lot of consumers are excited to finally try a cannabis product for skincare, and think they’re getting something with CBD in it. Unfortunately, major beauty brands are capitalizing on the lack of consumer education, and marketing hemp seed oil as a cannabis leaf-derived product. 

If you look at the ingredients upon closer inspection, most of the time you’ll see that “seed” is in fact specified, but deceptive packaging, labels that say “high” and “dope,” super-green advertising, logos and other insignia would lead you to believe that these products are “weed for your face.” In other words, it’s sketchy. They know consumers don’t know the difference yet (for the most part), and they’re technically giving all the information, but it’s in the fine print.

Hemp seed oil isn’t new, it isn’t sexy or illegal, and it certainly isn’t expensive. However, you’ll see hemp seed oil beauty products coming out now that are $100 or more per ounce — sister, you can get hemp seed oil at TARGET for 50 cents an ounce retail. Why on earth would you pay for this stuff like it’s the essence of life just because it’s at Sephora?!

Like we said, hemp seed oil is truly an incredible all-natural moisturizer, but it’s getting a serious marketing boost right now, and we don’t want you to get duped. If there’s actual CBD or cannabis extract in your serum or moisturizer, then YES honey, pay that money and get what you need. It takes a lot of hemp and a lot of extraction to get that medicine from our beloved hemp plant, and we want to support the farmers and labs that are bringing us the best of the best in plant-based skin medicine. 

If you’re in the market for a plant-based moisturizer and lots of products clog your pores, go get a hemp seed oil-based product! Just don’t get swindled.

Some brands that are doing it right — we’re talking forthright packaging, reasonable pricing, and no false ads: The Inkey List Hemp Moisturizer ($13) and HEMPZ Moisturizer ($11). There are so many hemp seed products on the market right now, but the majority either have a marijuana plant on their label or are skewing marketing toward unassuming newbies to the world of cannabis.

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