Chacos Not Mandatory To Rock This New Concept Line



Transitioning into becoming a more conscious shopper? Having trouble finding brands that practice sustainability and fair work practices? Well, say hello to Ecolabo—an online concept store curated all under the premise of conscious shopping.

They’ve got you covered on all fronts selling modern AND wearable hemp clothing, goods for your home and skin, as well as general lifestyle essentials like a reusable coffee cup that you can take on the go, menstrual cups, and vegan, non-toxic condoms (I mean talk about having us covered on all fronts)!

This concept store is not only aesthetically pleasing but really believes in mindful shopping. They understand that consumerism and sustainability are a little at odds with another, so they only support products that have minimal impact on our ecology. That means local, organic, and vegan products, as well as brands that practice fair and equal work ethics.

In this day and age, we should all have the choice to buy products that align with our values without sacrificing style— now that’s guilt-free shopping!


Written By:  Mimi Dang