5 Mainstream Brands That Use Hemp in Unexpected Products


If you didn’t know by now, there are a gazillion applications of hemp, well beyond CBD. And many of its uses didn’t have to wait for the green boom or legalization — in fact, there are many brands who’ve been using hemp as part of their product lineup for quite a while now.

These household names have integrated cannabis into their production for a number of reasons, and they haven’t sacrificed any part of the quality to keep things earth-friendly. You may have been using hemp without even knowing it!

Mara Hoffman shot for Svn Space Print Issue 001 ©Serena Lutton

Mara Hoffman shot for Svn Space Print Issue 001 ©Serena Lutton

Davids Tea.png

Davids Tea Tea Filters

Canadian-based tea brand Davids Tea has been using hemp to create their unbleached, biodegradable, eco-friendly tea filter bags. They create a low-waste way to enjoy the many flavors of their loose-leaf tea, in a filtration method that leaves no taste or chemicals in your hot cuppa. From the label: “Our tea filters are oxo-biodegradable and made of chlorine-free manila hemp, so the only thing added is your tea. Plus they come in a paper box that’s 100% recyclable, so the environment stays happy too.” Cheers to that!

Mara Hoffman’s fashion house — known for its eclectic, free-spirited yet sophisticated style — has been a pioneer in the high fashion space when it comes to textiles, and they’ve been using hemp in their line since their Spring 18 collection debuted. Their collection has shattered the preconceived stigma around hemp clothing, jettisoning this sustainable textile into the mainstream fashion world. (Read more about Mara Hoffman in Svn Space Print issue 001)

The Body Shop: Hemp Body Care Range

If you’ve been to a mall in the past 40 years, experienced female adolescence, or are from the UK, chances are you are all too familiar with the iconic British personal care and cosmetic brand, The Body Shop. But did you know they have an entire range dedicated to hemp products? Whether it’s hand creams using hemp oil or exfoliating body mitts made of hemp fiber, their use of the plant is versatile and wholesome — not to mention, indulgently self-care focused.


Leaders in the eco-friendly lifestyle space, Patagonia of course has an array of products that use hemp textiles. From beautiful tops to breathable jogger pants, they’re incorporating it into their collection just like any other natural, sustainable material.

PerriconeMD: CBx For Men

Here’s something unexpected: luxury skincare line Perricone MD using hemp — in their men’s product line! CBx For Men is a collection of facial wash, moisturizer, and aftershave using phytocannabinoids to treat “oil-prone” skin. And of course, the fragrance is “woodsy green with a subtle top note of fresh hemp.”