Svn Space Verified

 A monumental moment in history happened with the signing of the Farm Bill which now establishes much needed regulations specifically with clear and proper labeling on CBD products. We work closely with every single brand and vet the product on YOUR behalf. This is just Svn (7) of many check points, we use to guide us when evaluating and adding products to our e-commerce shop.

  1. A COA (Certificate of Analysis) and/or Lab Results from a 3rd party is required. Our vendors must provide us with a COA which is a document that confirms the product meets its product specification on an individual batch of a product. Learn how to read and understand a COA here.

  2. Sourcing. Know where your CBD is sourced from. Our brand partners work with reliable and quality sources. Don’t be afraid to ask, “where is your CBD sourced from?”.

  3. Transparency. Brands must label their products with the strength of CBD in addition to all other ingredients also visible in their marketing materials.

  4. Sample + Use. We sample and use all of the products ourselves. We don’t want to sell anything that we or our focus group won’t provide first hand experiences on. We are well aware that no two systems are alike, and everyone’s experiences from dosing to intended use will vary.

  5. Testimonials. Until clinical trials (which could take up to several years) take place with published evidence on the efficacy of CBD, we rely on consumer experiences, provided by brand owners and from our own focus group understanding that this does not constitute proof that something works. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research.

  6. Branding. We love a great story with beautiful packaging, and we love it even more if the brand is clear on their ingredients, labeling and marketing.

  7. Mission + Ethos. We appreciate partners that are also focused on educating the consumer first and on a similar path to highlight the many benefits of Hemp. We get to know each and every one of our brand partners and want to dive deeper as to why they created their brand and products.

What makes Svn Space an authority on verification? 

Although we are not doctors, scientists, or researchers, we engage with hundreds of brands and work with companies on a daily basis to learn more about their products, features and benefits, core values and mission. We are proud members of the Hemp Industry Association, National Hemp Association and the Hemp Business Journal.  We attend numerous industry trade shows, events, apply for cannabis specific certifications available, research, validate, read, write and educate ourselves first.

We also hear from YOU knowing that every individual’s experience will vary. We have our own trusted network to provide us with honest feedback understanding, no two systems or products are alike and user experiences will always vary. 

If you are on other medications or have a serious medical condition, please do not use CBD if you are pregnant or nursing. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.