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Smooth away wrinkles and lines with Kiskanu CBD Face Oil + Rose Quartz Guasha stone.
We love to see unique products in the CBD space. That is why we were so excited when we came across Swell CBD’s, CBD infused Cellulose Face Masks. Finally, something fun and amazing for your skin. These masks are a perfect hydrating refresher after a day in the sun (whether it be on the mountain or at the beach).

i use cbd because…

Svn Space presents: I Use CBD Because... Episode #1 with Jennifer Santamaria who uses CBD to help cope with the daily stress of being a mom and as a sleep aid.


Understanding labels on CBD products can be extremely confusing. You’ve probably noticed that the label rarely just says, “CBD.” Instead, you’ll read things like, “full spectrum” hemp extract or “broad spectrum” hemp extract or CBD “isolate.” What’s the difference between all these different products,


Svn Space print issue 001. The first magazine of its kind focused on a Hemp + CBD lifestyle aimed at women. Hemp fashion editorial shoot on location at East Fork Cultivars.
History has been made. Hemp is now legal. The President has put his signature on the 2018 Farm Bill and Hemp is now permanently removed from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). It is forever deemed an agricultural commodity, no longer mistaken as a controlled substance, like marijuana.
Prism x Svn Space Hemp + CBD Popup Shop in Long Beach.
We sat down with Kristin Morrison from the apparel brand All Species to discuss what apparel looks and feels like when it is in harmony with nature and how using natural plant dyes and fabric like hemp have inspired her to create a space for conversation and collaboration.
Welcome to Svn Space. SVN SPACE IS A MODERN, FEMALE-FOCUSED MEDIA PLATFORM AIMED AT EXPLORING THE DEPTHS OF THE CANNABIS PLANT, WITH AN EMPHASIS ON HEMP, TO CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE THROUGH AWARENESS, CONVERSATION, UNDERSTANDING AND INNOVATIVE PRODUCT. We elevate and share topics that break the stigma of this historical green plant while introducing the benefits and lifestyle to a progressive audience.